Introducing The Ecopreneurs, a New Series from FORTUNE Brand Studio and Salesforce

Introducing The Ecopreneurs, a New Series from FORTUNE Brand Studio and Salesforce


NEW YORK, Jan. 19, 2022—Today, FORTUNE Brand Studio and Salesforce debuted The Ecopreneurs, a new video series designed to highlight people and companies committed to curtailing the climate crisis. Produced by FORTUNE Brand Studio and streaming on Salesforce+, new episodes of this docu-style series will be released monthly, and each episode will be dedicated to a different ecopreneur.


Through interviews with the featured ecopreneurs, and their colleagues, friends, and family members, as well as local community leaders, subject-matter experts, and government and NGO officials, The Ecopreneurs will explore the challenges these companies are addressing, the difficulties they’ve experienced as they work to accomplish their missions, and the positive impact they are seeing on a local, national, and international scale in the fight against climate change.


In the series premiere, viewers will meet Michael Stewart, CEO and co-founder of SeaTrees and Sustainable Surf. While the ocean is capable of sequestering more carbon than any other ecosystem, climate change is devastating ocean ecosystems at an alarming rate. With his colleagues, including co-founder Kevin Whilden, professional surfer Kassia Meador, Jim Moriarty from Brand Citizens, ecoboard shaper and founder of Earth Technologies Ryan Harris, Big Blue & You founder Danni Washington, and Tom Ford, CEO of the Bay Foundation, Stewart explains how SeaTrees is working to restore the ocean’s kelp, mangrove, and seagrass populations, which are capable of sequestering up to 2 billion tons of carbon each year.


During filming, FORTUNE Brand Studio and members of the Salesforce team joined Stewart on a kelp forest dive off the coast of California’s Palos Verdes Peninsula. Through sweeping underwater cinematography, this episode shows the team culling an overabundant population of purple sea urchins that has devastated the kelp forests, unchecked as climate change has caused its natural predators to die off. Future episodes in this series will feature Donnel Baird, co-founder and CEO of BlocPower, as well as Acción Andina president Constantino Aucca and Global Forest Generation CEO Florent Kaiser, and other ecopreneurs innovating for a better, more sustainable tomorrow.


Of this partnership, FORTUNE CEO Alan Murray says, “Business efforts to address environmental problems are clearly on the rise, with companies large and small devising innovative business models to help save the planet. By partnering with Salesforce, we intend to shine a spotlight on some of the most exciting and effective entrepreneurs in this space.  It’s part of FORTUNE’s continuing effort to make business better.”


Colin Fleming, SVP of Global Brand Marketing, Salesforce, says “The Ecopreneursseries shows first-hand how business can be the greatest platform for change. We’re in a climate crisis that affects everyone and the people who are standing up and taking the lead in preserving our planet are these ecopreneurs. In launching this series, we hope their stories will resonate beyond the workplace and inspire change in the world.”


Salesforce’s Dr. Whitney Johnston, director of Ocean Sustainability, adds: “This first episode highlighting Michael Stewart’s entrepreneurial journey with SeaTrees is a chance to introduce viewers to the urgency of tackling climate change and the opportunity for businesses to be a driving force in this effort. Salesforce’s blue carbon program launched last year is dedicated to lifting up ecopreneur voices and inspiring others to get onboard.”


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