Most Powerful Women in Business

The 50 women turning the tables on their businesses and industries

The original and most respected ranking of trailblazing female executives—these 50 women are redefining leadership. Insightful and provocative stories reveal how power, leadership, ambition and gender are playing out in the heart of business today.

In the fall of 2016, the 18th annual FORTUNE Most Powerful Women Summit will convene in America’s capital for wide-ranging and inspiring discussions among the preeminent women in business.


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NEW! The Future of Work / Brainstorm Tech

From drones to robotics to cognitive computing to 3D printing, technology is erasing the limits of what we can imagine, design and produce. And it’s changing virtually everything else about the modern workplace, too—from office design to how we collaborate to what we take home in our paychecks. Our eye-opening tour.

Brainstorm Tech is a marketplace of ideas that assembles the smartest people we know for conversations around enterprise growth, disruption, innovation, security, privacy, and tech’s influence on the global economy.

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